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Adalet Inc (www.adalet.com)
Manufactures UL, NEMA 7/9, IEC-EX enclosures, rated for hazardous locations. Including explosion proof motor controls, circuit breakers and pilot devices. PLM, and high voltage cable couplers. Cleveland, Ohio. $250.00 order minimum on cast products.


AI-Tek Instruments (www.aitekinstruments.com)
Designs and manufactures electronic and electromechanical speed control products which protect, monitor and control. AI-Tek Instruments strives to provide the highest quality speed sensors, tachometers and services at a competitive price.

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Bebco Environmental (www.exphvac.com)
Bebco's focus is Hazardous Location Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Pressurization product solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements associated with passive or highly corrosive industrial environments. Safety is prioritized in their manufacturing process and quality in the products and workmanship to ensure that the solutions offered will last for years to come.


Nemalux Industrial (www.nemalux.com)
Nemalux Industrial has been a North American manufacturer of industrial LED lighting products for Hazardous Locations since 2003. Nemalux products are designed and built for safe and effective illumination that is high quality and easy to install. Nemalux specializes in Class 1 Division 1 lighting, Class 1 Division 2 lighting, and other industrial lighting solutions. Other lighting applications include Explosion Proof, Harsh, Food Safe #NSF, High Mast, Marine Rated #ABS, and Confined Space locations. Nemalux also specialize in conventional lighting replacement, and can provide lighting poles, mounts, and other accessories.

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Niagara Power Transformer (www.niagrapowertransformer.com)
Niagara Power Transformer produces power and special application transformers for service in the most extreme conditions and demanding applications anywhere in the world. As one of the oldest and most experienced transformer manufacturers in the world, Niagara Power Transformer is uniquely qualified to provide solutions to almost any problem. Each transformer is a reflection of their customer’s specifications and their over 85 years of experience and expertise.


NK Technologies (www.nktechnologies.com)
A premier manufacturer of Current Sensors and Transducers serving the factory and industrial automation markets. Products include Current Sensing Switches, AC Current Transducers, DC Current Transducers, Ground Fault Protection, Voltage Transducers, Power Sensing Products, Signal Converters, Current Transformers, and AMPFlasherTM Current Indicator Accessories.


Pepperl+Fuchs - Process Automation Division
A global leader in signal transfer, protection & connection. Intrinsically safe I/O systems for Hart, Profibus and Foundation – Fieldbus. Intrinsically safe Zener barriers, galvanic isolators. BEBCO purge and pressurization systems and Atex-approved HMI.

Post Glover

Post Glover (www.postglover.com)
Manufactures Power Resistors for industrial and Utility Applications. Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR), Pulsing HRG resistor systems, Pulser Plus Net, Dynamic Breaking Resistors (DBR).


Socomec (www.socomec.us)
Socomec  is a global leader in Critical Power, Power Protection & Control, Solar, and Energy Management applications.
Protection and Control:  Fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches, remote operated and transfer switching
Energy Management:  Software, metering and monitoring
Power Conversion: UPS and energy storage