Randy Mauro / P.O. Box 16494; Golden, CO 80402
w: 303.215.0161 c: 303.518.4995 f: 303.279.8171


Adalet Inc (www.adalet.com) Manufactures UL, NEMA 7/9, IEC-EX enclosures, rated for hazardous locations. Including explosion proof motor controls, circuit breakers and pilot devices. PLM, high voltage cable couplers and SS-304 stainless steel enclosures. Cleveland, Ohio. $250.00 order minimum on cast products.


AI-Tek Instruments (www.aitekinstruments.com) Designs and manufactures electronic and electromechanical speed control products which protect, monitor and control. AI-Tek Instruments strives to provide the highest quality speed sensors, tachometers and services at a completive price.


Bebco Industries - Environmental Control Units Division (www.okbebco.com) Manufacturers explosion-proof building HVAC units, explosion-proof enclosure air conditioners, variable speed building pressurization units, building ventilation fans, pressurization intake stacks and gas detectors.


NK Technologies (www.nktechnologies.com)


Pepperl + Fuchs - Process Automation, Division (www.pepperl-fuchs.us) A global leader in signal transfer, protection & connection. Intrinsically safe I/O systems for Hart, Profibus and Foundation – Fieldbus. Intrinsically safe Zener barriers, galvanic isolators. BEBCO purge and pressurization systems and Atex-approved HMI.

Post Glover

Post Glover (www.postglover.com) Manufactures Power Resistors for industrial and Utility Applications. NGR Neutral grounding resistors, Pulsing HRG resistor systems, Dynamic Breaking, Resistor, (DBR) and Pulser Plus Net.


Socomec (www.socomec.us)